Values and Vision


  • Be one of the most respected and successful private premium Developers in the region with international recognition, and build a “world-class” company.
  • Be respected in the market as the benchmark for relevant innovation and responsibility, adding sustained, measurable value to shareholders, buyers, end users and the community.


  • Realize above average investment returns for shareholder, investor , JV partners
  • Develop premium quality products, providing sustained value to end users and community
  • Aligning investors and end users needs
  • Attract and retain the best professional talent from the region as well as mature, competitive markets
  • Deliver the services and products and as promised, strive to offer more and better than expected


  • Apply world’s best practices and corporate governance discipline
  • Work with highly qualified, lean management teams and outsource, guide and control most support and delivery functions
  • Work with best- in- class consultants and specialty service providers
  • Enter into strategic investment joint ventures and management alliances

Design approach

Arris works with some of the region’s best architects and Special Design Consultants.

Our project briefing and design process combines iconic architectural expression with highest end- user value and economic feasibility for the Investors.

We approach the design “from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside”. When designing homes, work places, shopping, entertainment or other environments, we define building programs and specifications based on anticipated long-term needs of the end users. Our projects are premium quality projects – in all categories – with distinct, memorable design identities.

Service approach

Arris’ offerings address the “hardware” aspects, as well as the “software” aspects of real estate products. All Arris’ projects include service zones, designed to provide a variety of services to the end users.

Arris’ Asset Management and Facility Management teams remain hands-on involved in the initial operations phase of our projects. This long term perspective has significant influence of how we design our projects. We make sure that they really work well in the end and give our end users the lifestyle experience we promised.


Arris increasingly addresses the social and environmental sustainability agenda and aims to develop projects which provide tangible and measurable long-term benefits to all stakeholders.

Arris is aware of its responsibility and constantly explores opportunities for making a difference, supporting positive change.

Our project’s social and environmental impacts are carefully studied and specialist consultants are involved to advise. It is our objective to minimize the “ecological footprint”, improve energy efficiency, water conservation and long-term value of our projects and create environments, which improve people’s well-being and behavior.

Corporate responsibility and pro Bono

Arris is aware of its social responsibility and committed to help those less privileged and fortunate. The company has consistently donated significant sums of money to various good causes and charities.