Organizational Structure & Corporate Governance

Arris is organized and operated as an investment/project focused matrix management structure. The Development Team forms the nucleus of the company with experienced Investment/Project Leaders managing allocated individual and groups of projects throughout all Value-adding phases, from inception to completion and hand-over to operations.


The Development Team prepares project business plans and guides, coordinates, and orchestrates all contributions from internal departments and acts as the project spokesperson to the shareholders.


Eight functional departments : Finance/Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Leasing/Sales, Project Management, Facility Management, Technology, HR and Administration, Provide specific functional support to the projects and on a corporate level, taking responsibility for their specific field of expertise and related tasks.


In the matrix of project and functional teams each manager has two direct reporting lines. The integration of all disciplines and departments is managed through frequent Project Coordination Group meeting and through a Leadership Committee. Status reviews and strategic and financial approval processes are managed through monthly Investment Committee meeting and/or frequent reports to the Board of Directors of project Special Purpose companies.


Policies and procedures; in particular with regard to procurement, leasing and sales, customer relationship management and asset management; follow best practice and apply various layers of corporate governance.


Arris operates on solid ethical principles and core values with the objective of maximizing shareholders value with effective control mechanisms, risk mitigation and appropriate transparency.